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Patient Resources

Houston-Area Patients Can Prepare for Their Visit With Dr. Christine Cheng

Nuveau Medical Aesthetics has a large menu of services, and Dr. Christine Cheng makes numerous descriptions and explanations available throughout this website so patients can be educated and confident in advance of any visit. When the time comes to schedule a consultation or appointment, that confidence can be extended through these patient resources. Houston-area residents seeking to prepare for their visit in advance will find PDF forms that can be printed at home to be read and filled out at their own pace.

There's also a page of frequently asked questions that can provide information to use as a foundation for any conversations with Dr. Cheng and her team.

Looking for more information beyond these patient resources? Houston-area patients can contact Nuveau Medical Aesthetics by calling 713-526-1220. When you're ready to arrange for a free consultation, schedule an appointment with Dr. Christine Cheng.
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