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Excessive Hair

Get Smooth Skin in Houston

In Houston, laser hair removal is a popular choice for people who have excessive hair. What is excessive hair? Anywhere there's more hair than you want on your body falls into this category. Your upper lip counts. So do your underarms. Your back, your legs, your feet, your hands, your chin… all of it can be as smooth as you want it to be.

Laser hair removal is a procedure frequently chosen to handle the problem, thanks to its versatility and long-lasting results. It can be applied on many regions of the body, large and small, and keeps unwanted hair away longer than shaving, waxing, or plucking. Many patients enjoy hair-free months, though some report results that last for years.

Houston-area patients can learn more about laser hair removal at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.
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