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Learn About Rosacea Treatment in Houston

Rosacea, at its most basic, is a redness that appears on the skin, typically somewhere on the face. More than a blush, this is a coloration that may come and go, but that also gets progressively more pronounced whenever it appears. Despite years of study and research, doctors still do not know what causes rosacea. Houston's Dr. Christine Cheng explains to her patients that while its origin is a mystery and there is no cure, rosacea treatments available at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics can be effective in minimizing its appearance and impact, keeping it from worsening.


Rosacea can appear in different ways on different people, not just as the classic red cheeks, so treatment plans must be customized to the individual. Still, there are some common threads. Experts agree that sufferers will experience at least one of four main symptoms, if not some or all: frequent flushing, a sunburn-like persistent redness, pimples and red bumps, and blood vessels visible in the skin. Secondary symptoms include irritated eyes, a feeling of stinging or tightness in the skin, rough or thick patches, and swelling. Any of these can impact all of the skin on the head, including the scalp, as well as the neck and chest. Dr. Cheng may recommend a series of photofacials or IPL (intense pulsed light) therapy. Topical medications may be prescribed, too. The scope of the treatment plan truly depends on the patient, and can be discussed at a consultation.

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