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Lash Extensions and Latisse®

Get Darker, Thicker Lashes in Houston

Sometimes mascara doesn't cut it. If you have lashes that are shorter or thinner than you'd like, you're probably used to trying various methods to make them appear longer and thicker. While make-up and other options can help, Nuveau Medical Aesthetics also offers some other proven methods. Lash extensions are a popular choice for adding dimension, as they frame the eyes with artificial but natural-looking lashes that truly stand out. Another option is Latisse®. Houston-area patients who use the prescription cosmetic find that their lashes grow to become fuller and more dramatic in a matter of weeks.

You have several choices on your journey to batting your new long lashes with confidence. Dr. Christine Cheng and her team will guide you in selecting the best option for your eyes, whether that's applying lash extensions or providing a prescription for Latisse®, which comes in the form of a topical solution to be applied at home each night, putting the control in your hands.

Learn about the lash-lengthening treatments available at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics, including lash extensions and prescriptions for Latisse®, for Houston-area patients. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

How Do Lash Extensions Work?

Lash extensions are artificial lashes made of synthetic or natural hairs, applied by hand to your existing eyelashes. They're held in place by an adhesive to literally extend each lash. Extensions are considered to be semi-permanent, in that they last much longer than false eyelashes from the make-up counter, but still only as long as the lashes to which they're attached.

The average lifespan of an eyelash can be several months. Considering that extensions are applied to lashes that have already grown in, most wearers find that their extensions last about two to four weeks.

How Does Latisse® Work?

Patients who want a longer-term solution may want to know more about Latisse®, which can be available at your local pharmacy with a prescription from Dr. Christine Cheng. Latisse® is specially formulated to address hypotrichosis, which is the technical term for inadequate eyelashes: short, thin, sparse, and not very noticeable. The cosmetic's active ingredient stimulates lash growth, and the effects are both gradual and cumulative.

Patients will apply the Latisse® solution to the base of their upper lashes each night. The treated lashes will first lengthen, then appear fuller and darker over time. Latisse® is so effective, you have to follow the instructions and take care to keep it only on your upper lid, as it can cause hair growth on skin it frequently touches.

"For your eyes only… We have the secret to longer, fuller lashes!"

Some patients report noticing their lengthened lashes about four weeks after beginning Latisse® treatment. In twice that time, at about the two-month mark, increased fullness and darkness should be evident.

At week 12, your overall enhanced eyelashes should be readily noticeable, with length, fullness, and darkness all amplified. At this point, it's important to continue applying Latisse® as directed, in order to achieve maximum results. The full extent of the growth will be visible at 16 weeks.

The effects are not considered permanent. If you stop applying Latisse®, your eyelashes will gradually return to the length and thickness they were before you began the treatment. This process can take weeks or months.

More Eyelash-Enhancing Solutions in Houston

Women who don't want eyelash extensions or to work with the prescription cosmetic Latisse® but who still want the benefits or darker, more apparent lashes sometimes opt for lash tinting, which is similar to coloring your hair, but with less potent dyes.

Eyelashes can be tinted in a range of blacks and browns to make them stand out more, and the coloring is permanent for as long as the eyelashes stay in place, which is a matter of a couple to a few weeks. As tinted lashes fall out according to the natural cycle, they'll be replaced by new growth that appears in your original, natural lash color.

Want to know more about eyelash extensions, eyelash tinting, and Latisse®? Houston-area patients can bring their questions to Nuveau Medical Aesthetics, where Dr. Christine Cheng and her staff can provide answers. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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