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Learn About Hair Removal with Wax in Houston

The problem with unwanted hair is that it grows back. Shaving keeps it away for days at best, and plucking with tweezers is a tedious chore. Laser hair removal is a good long-term solution, but between the two is waxing. Houston's Dr. Christine Cheng offers waxing at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics, which eliminates hair for weeks at a time.

Waxing is frequently used for larger areas of the body with coarser hair, including arms, legs, the chest, the back, and more. It involves the application of a soft wax to the target area. The wax is then quickly removed after it hardens, taking the unwanted hair with it. Waxing can also be used on the face, including the eyebrows.

Learn more about waxing in Houston, as well as other hair removal options from the team at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics, by calling 713-526-1220. You can also schedule a free consultation.
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