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Laser Hair Removal Houston

Men and Women from Pasadena, Galveston, and Beyond Can Reduce Unwanted Hair

Excessive hair is different from all of the other skin conditions treated at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics. Unlike wrinkles and spots, which can be mitigated with proper skin care and sun protection, hair grows where it will. However, even if it isn't preventable, it is treatable. Laser hair removal from Houston's Dr. Christine Cheng offers relief for patients who are tired of shaving, plucking, or tweezing.

Laser hair removal works to eliminate unwanted hair on the face or body. While the results are not technically permanent, they are long lasting, giving patients a lengthy break from their efforts to keep their skin smooth and free of hair and stubble.

Learn about laser hair removal in Houston, TX, at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation.

Laser Hair Removal Details

All hair sprouts from follicles in the skin, moving through several phases of development, from emergence to growth to dormancy. Laser hair removal targets the follicles, which contain pigment that absorbs more of the light energy directed at it than the surrounding tissue. This heats the follicle, damaging it to the point that the hair it contains falls out and fails to grow back for quite some time, if at all. This only works on hairs that are in their active growth phase.

Not every hair is moving through the same phase at the same time, so a patient may require multiple laser hair removal treatments spread out over multiple sessions to effectively clear the targeted areas.

Areas for Laser Hair Removal

In Houston, laser hair removal gives patients the freedom to bare their skin with confidence. The procedure works just about anywhere on the body where unwanted hair grows:

You can seek laser hair removal for any of these regions, or even parts of the body not specifically mentioned on the list, but know that the eyelids and skin immediately surrounding the eyes are considered off-limits for this method due to the nature of the laser used in the process.

What Happens Before Laser Hair Removal?

Prior to your laser hair removal in Houston, TX, Dr. Cheng will ask that you refrain from removing any of the unwanted hairs by their roots. Plucking, tweezing, waxing, and even electrolysis should be avoided. These methods of hair removal can all alter the hair follicle, making it less receptive to the laser treatment.

Cutting is OK, and shaving is typically acceptable or even welcomed, since shorter hairs have less outside-of-the-follicle surface area to collect heat from the laser.

What Happens After Laser Hair Removal?

Since this is a laser procedure that involves heating up parts of your skin, you may feel as if the treated areas are sunburned in the day or two following your laser hair removal.

This feeling and any associated swelling or redness should fade quickly, followed by several weeks of unwanted hair falling out.

There is a slight chance that the skin may develop some blistering, especially for patients with darker skin tones, but long-term complications related to laser hair removal are rare.

Over time, hair may return to the treated areas, though the individual hairs that may do so tend to be lighter and thinner than the original hairs. Talk to Dr. Cheng and her staff about laser hair removal maintenance visits to ensure that the parts of your body you want to remain hair-free stay that way.

Dr. Christine Cheng

Dr. Christine S. Cheng is a board certified physician who is devoting her full-time practice to aesthetics and wellness medicine.


What Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

This is something best discussed during your consultation, since the cost of your individualized laser hair removal session will depend on type and size of the area to be targeted, as well as on the total number of sessions required for total hair removal.

Other Laser-Based Skin Treatments

Laser hair removal is just one beneficial use of light-based skin treatments. Dr. Cheng also uses lasers and lights for vein reduction, skin resurfacing for reduction of sun damage and other spots and blemishes, wrinkle smoothing, and more.

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Patients in Pasadena, Galveston, and all over Texas can bring questions about laser hair removal in Houston, TX, to Dr. Christine Cheng's Nuveau Medical Aesthetics. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.
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