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Jumpstart Natural Healing for Your Skin in Houston

Over time, skin can become crisscrossed by lines, including wrinkles and scars. Microneedling, a Houston-area solution for smoother, more even skin, is available at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics for patients looking for an effective treatment with minimal recovery, especially in sensitive areas unsuited to laser resurfacing, such as around the eyes. Areas and skin issues that can be addressed with microneedling include fine lines around the eyes and mouth; mild to moderate acne scarring; crepey skin under the eyes, on the neck, and on the décolleté areas; and overall mild exfoliation. After as little as two to three treatments, our patients can clearly see an improvement in the overall tone and texture of their skin.

Microneedling works via a device that delivers numerous incredibly tiny punctures, each of which creates a channel for better delivery of beneficial topical solutions, but more importantly triggers healing processes that stimulate the growth of naturally occurring elements that support healthy skin: collagen and elastin. As the body works to repair the small injuries, the jumpstarted healing process extends to the unwanted lines and marks, smoothing them away and making them less noticeable. It can also reduce pore size. This treatment requires very little down time afterward, since the main side effect is some temporary redness.

Find out about microneedling for Houston-area patients at Nuveau Medical Aesthetics. Call 713-526-1220 or schedule a free consultation to learn more.
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